We are always looking for passionate talents. Oasistek offers a wealth of challenges where you can boldly spread your innovation ability and imagination.

Oasistek provides a complete insurance system, bonus/welfare system, and various education and training. We firmly believe that our employees are the most important asset of our company, and we nurture our talents to create value in a stable working environment with room for development.

Employee Benefits

Insurance system

Oasistek insures multiple insurances for fellow colleagues, and provides all-round protection for colleagues on the first day of employment.

1. Health insurance
2. Labor insurance
3. Labor retirement insurance
4. Group insurance: including term life insurance, accident insurance, accidental medical treatment, hospitalization medical treatment

Bonuses / Benefits

1. Holiday bonus (Mid‐Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Year‐end)
2. Maternity pension
3. Education allowance for children
4. Hospitalization allowance
5. Wedding and funeral allowance

Education and Training

  1. All-round learning environment: Not only limited to the course teaching, but also the integration of various resources in the workplace environment, providing employees with an all-round learning environment.
  2. Professional ability courses: We attach great importance to the professional ability of employees. We provide various professional ability courses, seminars and information to challenge the future competitive market environment.

Working Environment

We provide a variety of job vacancies for you to take the challenge.