LED ODM Service



"ODM" , Original Design Manufacturer

Module-System Department combines lighting components selection、optical simulation、circuit design and packaging manufacturing process. Total Solutions allows customers to focus more time on growing business.


Why Us
  • Integration
    Our R&D team integrates optics, circuits, controls, and mechanisms to closely serve your needs. There is no distance between R&D and imagination.
  • Professional Engineering and Verification Capabilities
    With Double E's expertise, Oasistek’s R&D talents provide accurate 3D drawing simulations to make the design realistic. Combined with the proofing laboratory equipment, we ensure that the efficiency and reliability of the designed product are optimized.
  • Well-equipped Laboratory
    Oasistek has a variety of lighting experiment equipment, including integrating sphere, photometric measurement, waterproof test, high temperature and high humidity, aging test, etc., to meet product design and quality assurance requirements.
  • Own Factory
    Oasistek has our own production bases in Taiwan and China to reduce production cost and provide accurate delivery time.
  • Global Certification
    We incorporate safety design in our own R&D stage. Also, we assist in inspection and certification applications to meet the needs of our customers in both domestic and international markets.
How to work
Solution - Illumination board
Function Planning
Understand the customer's needs and plan the functions. Design the lighting fixtures which are thin and light in appearance, having waterproof function and suitable for humid space.
Sample production
Select suitable materials, make samples to meet and realize customers’ blueprints.
Design verification
Repeated verification and testing to meet safety regulations and customer requirements
Factory trial production
The customer confirms the sample, then the trial production stage begins, and delivery is arranged after quality control.